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Whenever you step outside of the house, no matter what you’re doing, it’s important to be prepared. Even something as simple as going to the grocery store requires you to have your car keys, wallet, and shopping list (in most cases). Being prepared makes whatever you are doing much easier. Nobody likes to be unprepared! With the beautiful spring weather upon us, chances are if you are an ATV owner you will be stepping outside and onto 4 wheels! That’s why today we would like to cover some things that you should be sure you have with you before you hit the trails (or make your own).

#1 Head Gear & Protective Clothing

Yes, that’s a helmet we are talking about! It’s plain and simple, helmets save lives. You are only riding safe if you are riding will a helmet, so please, don’t head out without one! Proper boots, goggles, gloves, and clothing should be on your list as well. All of this gear will surely help in an event of an accident. The last thing you want is injury, not only will your ride be either miserable or cut short but you will have to deal with the consequences later on as well.

#2 Tools

Tools are a must. You should have at least a screwdriver, plyers, and a few wrenches. However, experienced riders know the value of having these items on board as well:

  • Vise-grips: they will out-do your pliers on tough jobs!
  • Zip ties: the fix-all item, with enough zip ties you can make a lot happen!
  • Duct tape
  • A compact flashlight (with spare batteries)
  • Fire-starting “kit”: things that will help you get a fire going such as a lighter, waterproof matches, and kindling on a waterproof bag.
  • Multi-tool and/or Swiss Army Knife
  • Map and compass

#3 Cellphone and Charger

We know you’re probably going out on your ATV to get away from all of this, but incase of emergency you should have your phone, charged, on you. Most newer ATVs have a power outlet so bring your charger along as well if you have that luxury!

#4 Tire Care

You might be able to get some help for your car’s flat tire on the road, but when you’re in the middle of the woods it may be more of challenge. Be sure to take a small air compressor and a patch kit along for the ride. You can thank us later!

#5 Water & Snacks

Just as if you were going on a long road trip, or plane ride, be prepared with some good H20 and a few snacks. Riding takes a toll on you, even at a slower pace your body is doing more work than you think. Keep yourself hydrated and your hunger satisfied for a great riding experience.

#6 First Aid Kit

Any first aid kit is better than no first aid kit. So make it a point to have one on hand during your ATV adventures. There is really no need to deal with annoying cuts and scrapes if you spend a few minutes treating them on the spot!

#7 Tow Strap

A tow strap can come in handy for the obvious, getting someone out a bind. It can also come in handy for other things such as dragging out a heavy animal, setting up stands, moving trees, and much more. It’s your day to relax and enjoy the ride so keep the pulling, or pushing, to a minimum with a tow strap!

#8 Winch

If you are an experienced rider you know the value of having a winch. You also know the value of investing in a quality one. A winch will come in handy when you are stuck in snow or mud or if you need to move something, much like you would use a tow strap. However there are some things that a winch can do that a tow strap can not. If you are able to invest in a quality winch, we’d highly advise it!

#9 Fuel

Last, but most definitely not least, make sure you bring along some extra gas. With other issues, you have a chance of getting out of them, but with no gas it’s game over. Besides that, running out of gas is not good for your engine. So fill up before you go and always be prepared with more!

There you have it, your 9 ATV essentials for a stress free day of adventures. If you’re lucky you have a state managed four wheeler trail in which you will likely need insurance. If not, you might be riding on your property. In either case, there are situations in which having an ATV insurance policy would further reduce any potential stresses of riding. Give us a call to ask about what those may be today!