• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Even amongst the new developments being built in many communities throughout the country, there are still those old beautiful buildings that are used for businesses, homes and apartments.  However, since the older buildings have been built, there have been drastic changes to building permits and requirements.


Older buildings did not have to go by the newer, more strict building codes that builders face today.  If your older home was to suffer severe damage, you maybe be forced by the new local laws and regulations to get your house “up-to-date” with the new building codes.

The Coverage available under the ordinance or law coverage may include:

  • cost to demolish the undamaged portion of the building
  • cost to replace with superior construction as required by law
  • cost to clear the land of debris after demolition.

As Rough Notes states it, ” These ordinance or law damages are normally excluded in standard property coverage forms.”

This is where the “Law & Ordinance” coverage comes into play.  First thing to remember is that these ordinance & law damages are normally NOT included in property coverage forms.  Check with your agent to see what different options you may have, and how the Ordinance & Law affect your premium.


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