So we normally discuss the usual insurance topics that are geared toward most people- home, auto, life business, etc. But what many of you fail to realize is that there are many valuable items that should also have CT insurance coverage.  We’re looking at you, collectors.

If you’re a collector of valuable items, and we’re talking about a serious collector here, then you’ll need some type of CT insurance in order to make absolutely sure that your investment will remain in tact in the event that your collectables are destroyed from a possible house fire or natural disaster. So what are the most popular collection items that we believe you should have extra insurance coverage on? Well here they are:

-Antiques.  These can range from old collectables that are valued at around a couple hundred dollars, all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If you’re a serious antique enthusiast, you absolutely need extra coverage for these priceless items.

-Sports Cards.  Whether they’re baseball, football, basketball, whatever sport, if you have a serious collection that’s worth some serious dough, then you should insure them.  It’s a home run, touchdown, and slam dunk.

-Coin collections.  Old coins, especially those that contain the actual element of their name (like actually gold or silver in them, not the fake stuff) then you need to ensure these coins.  

-Dolls anyone? Yes, these may be a little creepy for some of us, but a serious doll collection could be worth quite a bit of money for the owner.  Insure these beauties!

These are just some of the many collectible items that you should insure.  If they are highly valued like precious antiques, rookie cards, or three hundred year old coins, then your investment into these items should be covered! You’ll be glad you did with CT Insurance!