Summer is a time to enjoy the outside restaurants and clubs while the weather is nice and suitable for a night of fun and entertainment.  People gather together to eat and drink while listening to live music throughout America.  Whether a live band, deejay, or karaoke, summertime night clubs and restaurants are great places to hang out.  This entertainment though comes with liability, and that’s why having the right Hartford business insurance is necessary for any club or restaurant owner. 

Aside from the business’s insurance policy though, the performers themselves also carry with them insurance policies that cover for the equipment they use. Obviously such performers face the possibility of a loss involving legal liability to other persons and loss to their own property. These deejays, karaoke emcees and band members are also, typically homeowners and renters. They are also often policyholders of homeowners or renters insurance. They may also be persons who are woefully unaware that they may have special insurance needs that should be addressed in order to avoid big problems.

Such performers should look into the type of losses they may face and attempt to arrange for proper coverage. They should also be aware that it could be a huge mistake to assume that their basic residential liability and property coverage can handle such losses. Electric amplifiers, microphones, speakers, instruments and lighting can all be subject to loss. All of this property is, typically, subject to serious coverage limitation under a typical residential policy.

Performers are often at public places and events, mingling with audiences, moving around with equipment or instruments, laying wiring and positioning various equipment, inviting and working with people, sometimes using podiums and stages, weaving among diners, drinkers and dancers. Often they are dealing with people who are inebriated, with reduced agility and judgment. These situations can create incidents where a performer may be directly responsible for injuring others or for damaging others’ property.  Whether you are the club owner or performer, you need insurance to cover any of your assets, and in doing so, allow Paradiso Insurance handle any of your claims.