• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It may have seemed like the winter was never going to end, but spring is finally almost here! While the New England weather has been harsh, it has still been a fun winter – after all, the long season has meant more time for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowmobiling. However, the rest of the year will see a shift to warm weather sports, so it’s time to pack your gear away.

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When it comes to packing up and preparing for the warmer weather ahead, you want to properly store your ski equipment, snowboard, sled, and snowmobile. Rest assured, we’ve got some tips for you on packing up neatly and safely!

  • Skiing Equipment: Be sure to safely pad your skis and store them away from any other heavy equipment. If you have rafters in your shed cords to secure them to the wall, that is the most ideal.
  • Snowboards and Sleds: Never leave these outside. Not only are you risking them being stolen, but the elements will not be kind to a snowboard or sled over a long period of time.
  • Snowmobile: If you cannot store your snowmobile in the garage, an enclosed shed is the next best place. Give it a good cleaning, and then be sure to keep it covered through the next few months, too!
  • Ice Skates: Be very careful when putting these away. Do not store these anywhere precarious, as their sharp edges just mean an accident is waiting to happen if you are not careful in putting these away.
  • Winter Gear: All of your winter gear that you won’t use or wear over the next few months should be kept in one spot. If you have room, keep an extra dresser or reserve closet space for all of your winter belongings, making them easier to dig up when it gets cold again.

Winter is, at long last, just about over! Prepare for warmer months by properly storing your gear from your favorite cold weather sports, and don’t forget about contactingParadiso Insurance for snowmobile insurance – after all, in New England, the snow will be back before we know it! *