Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a clear violation, no matter where you work, regardless of your business’s industry. Without question, nothing good can come from sexual harassment or a lawsuit that would come from inappropriate behavior at the office.  If something like this were to occur at your office, hopefully you’ve been a smart and cautious business owner and have invested in a quality Hartford Business insurance policy with Paradiso Insurance.

Why would you go without coverage? That’s a question that really doesn’t need an answer, because the answer is simple- you need to have Hartford Business Insurance for coverage against any type of sexual harassment suits, as well as a host of other issues that your firm may incur. 

Sexual harassment can occur to anyone, at anytime, regardless of true or not.  As a business owner, you certainly do not want your firm to drag itself through an epli case without Hartford Business Insurance, even if the claim turns out to be falsified.  Get coverage today.