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A few would disagree, but in the end, life is nothing but a race. No, it doesn’t have to be a race for monetary gains, nor does it have to be to satisfy your needs and cravings. The race can also be to find happiness and to search for peace. Perhaps, that is the only things that matter; peace, happiness, and subtle tranquility. We all have a varied criterion to distinguish our feelings; what might count as happiness for some wouldn’t be of any value to some. These feelings are extremely relative. But, there still is one common factor which brings upon these feelings in every member of the society. The common cause being – donation. Donating funds, toys, books, and materials as such not only helps the society by elevating its moral compass but it also helps the person making these donations find peace and happiness through the process of giving back. 

Donations for hospitals 

There is no bigger gift than life. Donations directed towards hospitals become essential to the very foundation the hospital runs on. The money donated to them goes into saving the precious lives of those who battle the most malignant of diseases. Other items such as small toys: playdough, coloring books, and cars for the children at the hospital help bring smiles to their faces and is something that they look forward to. Donating these things might not seem important to you; however, for children undergoing strenuous treatment, these can be a beacon of hope to look forward to. 

Donating for children at CT Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, CT

The generous community at Stafford Springs and surrounding areas are always ready to help those in need and have never shied away from putting smiles on other’s faces. The community is an embodiment of magnanimity, generosity, bountifulness, and affection. For years, the community has been making donations towards various outlets and have brought livelihood to many through them. 

With Halloween being around the corner, the children at the medical center at Hartford are looking towards the community to bring them joy as they have done before. 

Imagine not being able to attend Halloween because you were ill and couldn’t leave the premises. More importantly, imagine thinking about your friends who you can’t meet because your condition doesn’t allow you to. The children need us; they need our love and affection; they need us to show them that we all care, through our donations.

Reverse trick or treat 

At Paradiso Insurance, we believe in giving back to the community. This is why, from September to October, we collect toy donations and then take them to our young champs at the Children’s hospital. These brave children deserve all the happiness brought to them. And even though they can’t formally attend Halloween, doesn’t mean that they should not celebrate it at all. Halloween is a momentous day of the year and belongs to the kids. This is why we try our best to bring Halloween to them at the hospital. 

max with reverse trick or treat

The smile on their faces and the joy in their eyes when they see these toys of all sorts is not comparable to anything in the world. 

We urge you all to donate any type of toy that you can to the children’s hospital at this time of the year so that you too can give back to the community in the best of ways.