One of the most overlooked insurance policies that is so important if you rent an apartment or home is renters insurance.  Now, you may not realize that you need it because you probably think a CT insurance policy is only necessary if you own a home.  Well, the reality of the situation is that yes, you absolutely need a renters insurance policy, because while your landlord may own the physical structure of the apartment or home, and some appliances like a dishwasher or refrigerator, everything else is probably yours.  

So why are we sharing this with you? Well, countless times we see renters who neglected to have renters insurance for their belongings and possessions, and ended up losing a lot of items, some of which could never be replaced. Just take a look at this rented house in Rhode Island that a friend of ours sent us pictures of.  Luckily everyone was alright, but this just goes to show you how quickly your home or apartment can fall victim to a total loss.

Check out the pictures below:

renters fire.jpgrenters fire 2.jpg

renters fire 3.jpghrenters fire 4.jpg