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If you’re like many other Americans, you like the open road.  Whether it’s the high cliffs of the Pacific Coast Highway, the miles upon miles of straight-aways offered in the prairies of South Dakota, or the rolling hills of the Appalachians, everyone should at one time or another drive across this great country. It is truly one of the best ways to gather the family together during summer vacation.  If you chose to use a Recreational Vehicle (RV) for your adventure, make sure you include RV insurance along with your clothes and toothbrush! 

Many people assume their RV is covered completely under their current auto insurance. However the differences are staggering.  Here’s a rundown of what RV insurance actually is and why you NEED it now:

What Is RV Insurance?

An RV is a house on wheels, and it needs to be insured like one. RV insurance blends home and auto insurance coverage into a single form of coverage, protecting the RV against collision with other vehicles or objects, weather damage, vandalism, theft and more to the RV as well as your personal items inside.

Why Do I Need RV Insurance?

Traditional auto insurance isn’t adequate for most RV owners. RV insurance provides coverage where auto insurance falls short. For instance, if a guest slips and suffers an injury in your RV, your Connecticut auto insurance won’t cover any medical or legal expenses, but RV insurance will.

Full-timers vs. Part-timers

The level of RV insurance you need depends on how often you drive your RV:

-Part-timers who use their RV seasonally can save money by suspending collision and liability coverage when the RV is not in use.

-Full-timers who live in their RV or claim it as a primary residence will need full-timers coverage, which includes protection against injuries in and around the RV, personal liability coverage, personal items coverage and more.

So the next time you chose to see America the Beautiful for that perfect family vacation, make sure your ride is covered with the proper RV insurance so you can drive safely from sea to shining sea.