Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a no-no, regardless of the industry your business is involved in.  Simply put, nothing good can come from sexual harassment or a lawsuit that stems from inappropriate behavior at the office.  If something like this were to occur at your firm, hopefully you’ve been a smart business owner and have invested in a quality Hartford Business insurance policy.

Sexual harassment isn’t the most pleasant of topics to discuss, so in order to make this slightly more interesting, let’s take a look as some of the most famous claims in recent history:

  • Anita Hill & Justice Clarence Thomas- Hill accuses Thomas of using inappropriate language and sexually harassing female colleagues during his congressional confirmation hearings in 1991.
  • Paul Jones and President Bill Clinton- Jones, at the time a state employee, alleged that then Arkansas governor Clinton exposed himself in a hotel room. Clinton denied.
  • University of Colorado Football Team- two women brought a claim against the football team for alleged sexual harassment. They said that they were sexually assaulted in 2001 at an off campus party. It was later found that the school’s recruiters used inappropriate means to attract high school football players. The school’s recruiting process is now a leader in ethical behavior amongst other NCAA programs.

So these go to show that sexual harassment can occur to anyone, at anytime, regardless of true or not.  As a business owner, you certainly do not want your firm to drag itself through an epli case without Hartford Business Insurance, even if the claim turns out to be falsified.  Get coverage today.