You think you don’t need flood insurance? Well, not to be the bearer of bad news, but without having flood coverage, any loses incurred in your home to a natural disaster or mechanical-born flood, will not be covered under your standard homeowners policy, and that’s exactly the reason for you and your family to have Hartford Flood Insurance right now!
Take for instance the people of Vermont.  Who would have guessed this time last year that a horrible hurricane would whip through the Northeast corridor and wipe out trees, roads and homes all along its way?  Vermont was probably the heaviest hit state, as many roads were simply washed away like sand swept out by the ocean.  Rivers that run throughout the state flooded horribly and subsequently left homes and whole towns under water.  And this is in Vermont! The Green Mountain State! How could such a mountainous region be so hurt by flooding? Your guess is as good as mine.
So wether you live in Vermont or Connecticut, Maine or Rhode Island, Massachusetts or New Hampshire, no matter what type of terrain your neighborhood resides in, it could be damaged by flooding.  So stop into you Connecticut insurance provider and ask about a Hartford flood policy today!