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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you’re like the rest of us in the Northeast you may have been impacted by some pretty icy and snowy conditions this past week. Of course, bad snow storms often bring snow days, and while your child may be thrilled to have the day off, you may be bustling around trying to keep them busy and entertained.

Plus, if there’s a blizzard outside, you don’t want your child to be out in the bad weather. Therefore, it’s better to keep them indoors and entertained by your iPad or computer. However, it can be hard as a parent to track what types of media your children are exposed to.

When you research what types of tools can promote intellectual growth, technology can be a good thing and can be used as a supplementary educational resource when your child isn’t in school. In fact, here are some great websites and apps your children can use on their snow days:

Khan Academy is actually a great resource for all ages, so your whole family can engage in a day of learning. In fact, Khan Academy offers courses in a variety of subjects such as math, science, arts, science, and coding. Courses are structured by grade and skill level. Additionally, Khan Academy offers a section for parents to view what their children are doing, you just have to sign up as a parent.

Duolingo is a great platform for young learners to engage in. Duolingo offers free language lessons that fosters to a variety of skill levels. The best part is that all lessons are completely free and Duolingo is available on iOS as well as Android platforms. It’s a big world out there, so why not give your child the advantage to learn a new language while they’re still young?

Speaking of learning new languages, learning to code is a  skill that is highly sought after in today’s workforce. Plus, coders and programmers are needed more than ever with our ever growing technological society. Scratch Jr. is an app available on multiple platforms that allows children to learn code, as well as program interactive stories. That may sound a bit complex for young learners, however the games and lessons are made simple for children to become aware of how computers work.

Biblionasium is a great resource for children who are finicky about reading or struggle in doing so. Children are motivated by other peers online through reading challenges, book recommendations, and reading logs. As a parent, you can also track your child’s reading logs and progress. The best part is Biblionasium is free, you just have to sign up.

Now if your child struggles more in math than reading, DragonBox offers a variety of educational math apps available to your child based around their age group. Each app is designed to function and play like a normal game, however, children are challenged to solve puzzles and math related equations to complete a level in the game. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for the apps, but DragonBox offers different math packs that aren’t too expensive.

Of course, with the use of technology comes the need for electricity and heavy use of your child’s eyes. Moreover, if you’re worried about losing power during a storm or your child’s heavy screen time, that’s not a problem. Before a big storm strikes why not stop at your local library to pick up a few board games and books? In fact, if you’re local to the area, the Stafford Library offers a variety of games, puzzles, and books for children to borrow. Puzzles and board games not only promote critical thinking in young learners, but the library carries special book packs that come with character puppets, flashcards, and other educational resources.

So, the next time you’re worried about bad winter weather and snow days, use it as an opportunity for your child to learn. There’s nothing better than promoting early education in your child. Plus, with an abundance of information a click or tap away the resources to education are endless. Do you have any educational games or lessons you’d like to use with your family? Share them in the comments below!