A central air conditioning system can provide years of satisfactory cooling with relatively little maintenance. However, a seasonal start-up check and periodic maintenance is recommended. Heaven forbid that something happen to your central air unit and cause a claim on your Connecticut homeowners insurance.

Homeowner Checklist

The amount of do-it-yourself air conditioning maintenance a homeowner can do is limited. However, there are a few steps that can help the system operate trouble-free and minimize the potential for consequential damage. Ensuring adequate airflow is perhaps the most important homeowner responsibility.

From the folks at housemaster, homeowners are given a general checklist of items pertaining to their AC unit:

  • Clean or replace the filter(s) regularly.
  • Keep leaves and other debris off the condensing (outdoor) unit.
  • Keep the condensing coils clean by (very) carefully brushing and hosing them.
  • Keep shrubs and other plant growth that might obstruct airflow at least 18 inches away from the condenser.
  • Maintain insulation on ductwork in attics and other unconditioned areas.
  • Check the condensate drain for any sign of blockage or leakage. Water should be dripping from the end of this drain line when the unit is running. If no dripping is noted, check at the indoor unit for any signs of leakage.
  • Keep room input and return registers clear of furniture or other obstructions.

Hopefully these few tips will have your house remaining cool during the upcoming and fast approaching warm, hot summer months.  We at Paradiso Insurance like to stay cool during the summer, so should you!