• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Homeowner’s insurance has become a staple within every household, providing protection for the place that people call home. Shopping for the right policy can be daunting, but Paradiso Isnurance is here to help!

Here are the most common home insurance claims, according to Verisk Insurance Solutions statistics, and what homeowner’s insurance coverage Paradiso Insurance offers to combat these risks to your home:

Wind and Hail – vehement storms and unforgiving hail can cause damage to windows and roofs, not to mention the objects that it can knock onto your house.

Coverage: Paradiso Insurance homeowner’s policies have physical structure coverage, which will assist in repairs to your home.

Little houseWater Damage and Freezing – the unpredictable New England weather can have your home unprepared for hurricanes, floods, and frigid temperatures.

Coverage: In addition to the structural coverage, Paradiso Insurance offers supplemental flood insurance to help repair water damage of all kinds.

Vandalism and Other Malfeasance – all over the world, there are people who damage property just for fun.

Coverage: the homeowner’s policy at Paradiso Insurance offers replacement cost coverage for your damaged property.

Theft – Burglary crimes occur nearly 15,000 times a year in Connecticut, according to state crime statistics. Personal possessions are at risk even if locked safely in your home.

Coverage: the standard Paradiso Insurance homeowner’s policies cover personal possessions, but we also offer Valuable Articles/Floater Insurance policies to protect other valuables such as jewelry and fine art.

Fire and Lightning – these claims are the least frequent of this group, but they are the most severe considering fires tend to consume entire homes.

Coverage: structural damage and replacement cost coverage will help rebuild a home from the ashes.

For more information about homeowner’s insurance with Paradiso Insurance, contact one of our knowledgeable agents, or call (860) 684-5270 today!