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  • Post last modified:October 23, 2020
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Our goal is to support homeowners with guidance on obtaining home insurance. The important point about Paradiso is that we’re hunting for the best service and are devoted to helping you learn and decide when and how best to keep your home safe.

As a local, independent insurance firm, we have exclusive ties to several providers. We will easily match prices and benefits and get the best available Connecticut homeowners policy for your unique house. Years of experience have shown us the importance of browsing around for the best coverage of every house.

There are also other factors. Our team of local homeowner’s insurance experts can help you appreciate problems such as coinsurance and recovery expense problems and can personalize the insurance with incentives or other policies. This added compensation can include animal liability if your domestic pet creates damage.

Black-listed dog breeds 

A handful of dog species are responsible for more of the expensive bites and damages than others; it’s easy to see that certain insurers ban, deny, or terminate home insurance if a client owns a certain breed. Others exempt those dogs from the homeowner’s policies or ask the owners to sign a certificate of responsibility for any bites that might occur. They may even drop the insurance or increase charges if someone is bitten and harmed by a client’s dog. German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Pit Bull, and Wolf Hybrid are some of the blacklisted breeds.

Kind and amount of homeowners coverage for dog owners 

Many home insurance plans cover a certain amount of responsibility for the legal expenses of dog bites and accidents. Usually, they cover up to $ 100,000 or even $300,000 in losses. Dog owners are accountable for any amount which crosses the cap.

It is also a smart option for homeowners with dogs to either raise their insurance limits or obtain an umbrella scheme. One choice is to obtain extra or specialized liability protection exclusively for dog owners.

Who is covered by my home insurance policy

The regular homeowner’s insurance extends to partners, families, and dependents that are under the age of 21. While both of these individuals will be shielded from the damage involved with a dog bite or accident, they will not be allowed to file a lawsuit if they are the victim of an attack. Many homeowners’ schemes often protect unpaid dog sitters or dog walkers if the pet hurts or attacks others while being in their charge.

Informing the insurance provider about your dog

If you have a dog, you must notify the insurance provider and it’s particularly important to see if it happens to appear on lists of hostile or harmful breeds of dogs. If you don’t, you may have repercussions. For instance, any lawsuit that you file can be rejected if your dog attacks or harms somebody, and your provider did not know about your pet before. Your insurer may also terminate your insurance because of your dishonesty. If you are considering purchasing or reducing a dog, we highly suggest contacting your homeowner’s carrier. With any questions you may have, please give us a call at (860)684-5270.