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  • Post last modified:November 3, 2022
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March Madness & The Right Homeowners Liability

March Madness is here, and the pressure is on! It is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. For many people, this event signals a great start to the college basketball season. However, the tournament can bring out peaks of rage and excitement in the fans that often end up in destruction or injuries.

This is when personal umbrella insurance will help you minimize the financial repercussions of the damages. Read on to know why you need to get the right homeowners policy to prepare for the madness arriving in March.

Why You Need Personal Umbrella Insurance for March Madness?

If you’re thinking about how even something like march madness connects with insurance, then it’s understandable. However, if you don’t consider getting a suitable policy, you are exposed to several risks. 

The first peril can be injury-related. Do you have those overly enthusiastic friends who cannot stay seated throughout the game? The type of people who shout their lungs out on a foul and start dancing on a field goal? While having such friends always brings energy and fun to the get-together, it’s also imperative that you have some kind of protection in place if their enthusiasm proves to be destructive. 

Under the influence of alcohol and excitement, people can do all sorts of things they wouldn’t do otherwise. It’s highly likely that your friend gets up angry on a foul and paces back and forth or starts jumping up and down when a game-winning shot goes in and slips and gets injured. If this happens, you can use your personal umbrella policy to cover the medical expenses. 

Moreover, what if, in the excitement or anger of the game, you or your friends end up causing damage to the home or your personal property? Punching the TV in rage is pretty common nowadays. If this happens to your property, you can use the personal umbrella insurance to cover the damages and not let the one incident ruin your game season. 

The gist is that having umbrella insurance pays for itself because it covers so much more than basic homeowners insurance ever could. You even get coverage for libel and slander, which is not available for a basic homeowners policy. So whether it’s game night, match season, or other get-togethers, you can rest assured knowing your home, personal property, and friends are protected in case anything bad happens to them. 

Paradiso Insurance Can Help You Make the Right Decision:

At Paradiso Insurance, we strive to make the right insurance policy selection easy for our clients. Whether you need homeowners policy or personal umbrella coverage, you can rest assured knowing you can count on our years of experience.

We’ll give you our expert opinion helping you get the right coverage that fits your preferences and budget. So call us today at 860-684-5270 and be prepared to enjoy the madness with maximum protection!