• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As most of us are finally (or close to being) dug out, you can’t help but wonder how you could have better prepared for a storm like this.  No matter how many shovels you purchased or cans of chicken noodle shop you have in the pantry, you kind of have this feeling that you could have down more: buy more food, have more snow removal equipment, etc.

But we live in New England! We are a tough crowd who gets through difficult storms with our heads held high! We have the necessary tools and capabilities to beat back the weather and not let it take control of us.  In order to do this though, we need to have the knowledge of what to do before, during, and after a storm occurs in order to come out on top.  And with a storm like Nemo, having as much knowledge as possible will allow you to get through the next big storm even better than this one.

So what can we learn for the next storm.  Well how about proper snow removal from your roof? It’s a key skill to have, especially when we receive the amount of snow that we’ve received in recent years (not counting last winter).  Here’s what you should do for removing snow from different types of roofs:

Flat roof: usually these types of roofs can be reached from the inside, such as through a stairway or window.  As long as you’re sure of the roof’s strength, the best way is to simply shovel the snow off the roof as you would a driveway or sidewalk. But if there’s even a remote doubt, call a professional.

What if I can’t reach the roof?: Again, don’t risk life and limb to shovel some snow.  Many businesses like landscapers, maintenance crews or roofing contractors can remove snow and ice from your roof.  Just make sure these pros have the correct CT insurance coverage.

Sloped Roof: This is where those tools called roof rakes come in really handy.  You can pick them up at any hardware store, and they’re basically a long-handled tool with a scrape at the end that acts just like a rake as if you were clearing leaves from your lawn… expect now you’re clearing snow.  

Remember, caring for your roof and the rest of your home’s external structure is key to maintaining the livelihood of your home and furthermore, keeping your Connecticut home insurance premiums affordable.  Hopefully the storms like Nemo are gone for the rest of the year, but in case we receive a late winter storm, you now have the info ready to take it on!