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Damages of all sorts; large or small, can happen in any place, anywhere. If these aren’t paid attention and fixed in time, they can turn into larger problems and require more money to be spent on them and threaten your safety. However, the question isn’t whether the damage will be fixed; who will fix the damage? The question becomes harder to answer when the parties concerned share a landlord’s relationship and a tenet. A renter is responsible for the damages caused to the items which are within their rental property. The landlord is liable to pay for the damage which arises in a covered peril. 

At Paradiso Insurance, we often come across people renting homes or apartments and landlords who have many misconceptions regarding the responsibility of the damage incurred. We have come up with a guide to help you figure this out and, in turn, ensure your property and thus, your livelihood. 

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Tenets and their responsibilities 

There is no universal categorization of awarding the responsibilities. However, in general, they include all the damages made to the property by the renters. For instance, the damage that you cause to the floors, ceilings, and walls, drains that were clogged due to you misusing them, flea extermination, the furnace if it broke down due to ill-maintenance or misuse by the renter, the water damage that you caused. Appliances broke down due to your misuse. 

What is renters’ insurance? 

All the damages caused to the property by the renter are covered under the renter’s insurance. This insurance is specifically designed to help repair or replace your belongings if they’re stolen or damaged in a covered incident. Moreover, when you are forced out of your renting accommodation, your renters’ insurance will help pay for your temporary living expense. 

We recommend that renter’s insurance be counted as a vital step whenever renting out a living space as it can help protect you and your livelihood should something go wrong. 

Landlords and their responsibilities

In a broad context, the landlord is responsible for any damages caused to the living space structure. Landlords are responsible for ensuring that the space they are renting out is safe for the tenets and are livable. Ensuring that all wiring meets building code requirements, that window and door locks work, and that there aren’t pest infestations or other issues that could threaten health and safety.

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A landlord is responsible for the renting space’s basic living necessities and their being at par; broken tiles, damaged walls, and stains or damage from pets are the landlord’s responsibility. 

Landlords’ insurance 

Our advice to our esteemed clients has always been to do a background check on the tenets to avoid future complications. The insurance will help pay for any damages caused by the landlords. 

Now, it also comes down to the type of damage caused and what the damage was. As explained before, landlords have to cover broader damages such as safety and basic comfort while the tenet is responsible for their damage. At Paradiso Insurance, our rental insurance has a variety of affordable options to choose from and will secure your future.