Although they would like to, many restaurant owners simply do not have the time to review or not understand their insurance coverage.   Here in Connecticut, we at Paradiso Insurance carry many insurance companies who specialize in restaurant insurance.  In choosing your insurance company, make sure that you’re going through a carrier specializing areas where your establishment requires coverage.   If you are new to the industry, you may not know which coverages you should have.

Below are a few very important coverages that you should have!

(1)  Food spoilage of 15k at each location.

(2)  Customers Outwear 2k at each location.

(3)  Medical Payments arising out  of  consumption of the insured’s product on or away from premises.

(4)  Business income & extra expense coverage.

(5) Food or Drink poisoning of  a guest.

(6) Exposure to a contagious or injections disease.

Our team at Paradiso Insurance is ready to help understand current coverage as well as making sure you aren’t underinsured!  Our phone number is (860) 684-5270 or our virtual insurance agency at