Advice on Protecting your Restaurant
  • Post last modified:October 19, 2020
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The restaurant business is hard, not only due to the competition in the industry but also due to the sheer risk which goes into starting and then maintaining this business. To be fair, no business is risk-free, but as a small, hometown insurance agency, we know that our advice on protecting your restaurant from litigation processes and other potential claims can save you and your business valuable time and money. 

How is your restaurant at risk? 

Well, it’s at risk every time you open your doors for business. Wet floors, spoiled food, accidents which occur due to liquor consumption, staff members getting hurt on the job, cybersecurity hacks, and all other damaging scenarios you can think of can occur any time. As a business owner, these are all your responsibilities. 

Table at a restaurant set up with fancy dinnerware.

If you own sandwich shops, fast-food franchises, bars, coffee shops, delis, diners, lounges, offer food delivery services – basically anything related to the food management and distributing industry – you need to secure your business from external and internal risks with the proper coverage.

How can you secure your business? 

One of the leading causes of restaurant businesses being shut down is costly lawsuits filed by customers and workers alike. To save your business from an untimely demise, it is absolutely vital to have the proper restaurant insurance. Plus, the more claims you have on your business, the higher your premium will be. We don’t want that because more than making money, we care about your business. 

Now, because the restaurant business is a vast playing field, different businesses have different risks, and likewise, their insurance policies and stipulations are customized according to these needs. 

With Connecticut Restaurant Insurance, you can cover food spoilage, food contamination, workers’ compensation, equipment breakdown, liquor liability, general liabilities, auto, and property. 

Getting restaurant insurance will save you, your business, your employees, and your livelihood and allow you some peace of mind.  

Helpful Tips 

Claims from clients 

Legally, any of your customers can make a claim against your restaurant, saying that it was your food that made them sick. These claims won’t only damage your reputation but will drain you  –  both financially and emotionally. If you have restaurant insurance, this takes a lot of the financial burden off of your shoulders.

While we always recommend that you have the proper insurance coverage, it’s also critical to make sure that your food is healthy and fresh to help reduce the likelihood of these types of claims. Also, the “wet floor” signs should be used to help reduce the risk of a customer falling and filing a resulting injury claim.

Disaster at work 

Business Owner’s Policy and Workers’ compensation will protect you from any disaster at work, such as your employees getting injured on the job or any damages caused due to an accidental fire. Worker’s compensation is also necessary to invest in because, in various states, the law dictates it. 

A security breach 

As technologically advanced as we are today, it is very easy to hack into any restaurants’ cyber systems.  Restaurants are popular targets for malicious cyber hackers seeking access to information they can use or sell. 

We recommend investing in proper security software, as well as cyber liability coverage to protect your business should a cyber breach ever occur. 

The Takeaway

At Paradiso Insurance, we care about the success of your business and we want to work with you to help reduce claims and keep your premiums low. Give us a call today at 860-684-5270 and one of our licensed, commercial insurance agents will be happy to assist you in finding the right coverage for your restaurant business.