New Changes to Workers Comp in CT

Attention all Paradiso Commercial Insurance policy holders! If you currently have a worker’s comp policy with us, there are some new changes that we want to make your aware of.

Due to a recent change in legislation, all business owners are now required to sign a document in order to be exempt from workers’ compensation. Business owners could choose whether or not they wanted to be included in their company workers comp policy by discussing this with their insurance agent, and if you were a sole proprietor or single member LLC you were not required to sign an exclusion form.  But now, as a result of Gould v. City of Stamford, 331 Conn. 289 (2019) any business owner will be automatically included in their worker’s comp policy unless they sign a 6B form that specifically excludes and waives their right to these benefits. 

At Paradiso Insurance, we will be reaching out to all of our workers comp policyholders in order to complete this process.

All owners will be included in the policy with an automatic minimum payroll exposure of $67,700, even if you make less then that.  If you make more then that they can go to the max of $135,200.

Unsure about your policy? Give Stephanie a call at 860-684-5270 and she will gladly walk you through your worker’s comp policy today!