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Not having Workers’ compensation is equivalent to breaking the law in certain states. The reason behind it being the basic work principle and belief that an organization is responsible for the people it employs. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make the workplace safe and ensure that you prioritize your employees’ well-being in all cases. 

What exactly is workers’ compensation?

Worker’s compensation is also known as employers’ liability. It covers any workplace-related mishaps or accidents. This includes bodily injury, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, death benefits, among other premises. 

For instance, an employee of yours is injured on the job or develops an occupational illness; in this case, they can make a claim with your business insurance policy. Your Worker’s compensation insurance will then handle this claim. 

What does Worker’s compensation include? 

Worker’s compensation includes a variety of aspects, but a few broad categories include exclusive remedy for injured employees and no-fault coverage. To elaborate, as long as the employee is injured within the course of their employment, coverage is provided even if the employee was partially responsible for their injury.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Why is Worker’s compensation important? 

Besides have this insurance a necessity in the eyes of the law, a few reasons as to why it is important are; 

Protects you and your business 

It will protect your company from a long legal process and loss of profit in the case of an accident. Without Worker’ compensation, the employer will have to settle the lawsuit from their own pockets, and the process is too long. 

Getting to work quicker 

Worker’s compensation will help the affected employee(s) get back to work very quickly because they get the required treatment as soon as possible, and your business doesn’t suffer economic losses. 

No cease in productivity. 

Employer’s liability insurance will also increase the safety of your workplace. Plus, it keeps your business from ceasing operation and minimizes disruptions caused by accidents. 

Increased productivity

It increases your employees’ trust in you as an employer and your company as an organization. The employees will feel confident in working for you, and this will increase their productivity.

More profits 

This insurance lowers the cost of operation, thus, turning in more profits. 


When do you become eligible for Worker’s insurance? 

It varies from state to state. In Connecticut, it is necessary to have a Worker’s compensation if you own a small business. If you are a sole proprietor or have anyone working under you, you are required to have Worker’s compensation. 

An important thing to consider here is that the Worker’s compensation policy is often bought as an independent, separate policy. This is very different from the regular BOPs, which are bought as packages. 

At Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services, we ensure yours and your employees’ safety. We provide you with uniquely engineered policies because our experts understand the laws that address workers comp coverage. Our Connecticut Workers Compensation Insurance is one of the best in the state. We are locals. We understand your business’ needs. 

Worker’s compensation insurance isn’t only important because it is necessary by the law. It is important to ensure quality and enhanced profitability in your business. Your Worker’s compensation is also integral to establishing safe workspaces around the company.