• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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That’s correct, you read the title right. Connecticut was recently ranked among the states with the lowest rates of car insurance.  Surprising, I’d say so since we live in one of the most expensive states in the nation for practically everything else! Well at least we have something relatively inexpensive to cheer about!  You can rest assured that your CT auto insurance from us will have you completely satisfied with the price and more importantly, the great coverage that goes with it.

So who else has low auto insurance rates like Connecticut? Massachusetts, North Carolina, Hawaii, Alaska and Oregon are among the ranks of the US’s lowest auto insurance states.  To put things in perspective for you, on average, Connecticut residents spend roughly two and a half percent of their annual income on car insurance.  Now to some that still may be quite a substantial sum, however let’s just say- be thankful you live where you do, and not in Michigan.  

Michigan residents are burdened with the highest auto insurance rates in the nation.  At roughly eight percent of yearly income, Michigan drivers are definitely feeling the pinch with their premiums.  The other states with high auto insurance rates are Louisiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Mississippi. So jump for joy that you live in Connecticut and have some of the lowest CT auto insurance costs in the country!