• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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            • Do you own a business with company cars to insure? If so, then you need to contact us to get an evaluation of your commercial auto policy.   Here are some questions that would help you decide if commercial auto is right for your business.

      1. How many vehicles and drivers will the business insure?

      Based on number of vehicles and drivers to be insured you could save money. If your business has five or more cars, you are eligible for a fleet discount. Most companies define a fleet as five vehicles registered to the business, you can have more drivers then vehicles. 

      2. What is the policy definition of commercial use?

      Your personal auto policy will exclude coverage for commercial use of your vehicle. A commercial policy has established definitions for the  commercial use of the vehicle.  It is important that you read the definition and discuss this with your insurance provider the rate will vary based on this classification.  If there is any question, it is better to obtain the commercial auto policy, this way there is no chance of the claim being denied.


      3. Where is your vehicle Garaged

      A commercial auto policy is rated based on where the vehicles are garaged.  If you allow your employees to drive these vehicles home, make sure your agent knows that.  All towns are rated differently and this could significantly reduce the premium.


      • Commercial auto business insurance premiums can be lowered by:

        • Driver Records – Hire only qualified drivers with safe driving records.

        • Choice of Vehicle – Sales people may want sports cars, but five-star safety rated, domestic, mid-sized sedans have the lowest premiums.

        • Deductibles – Can your business afford part of the risk and maintain a high deductible? If so, your premiums will be lower.

        • Safety and Anti-Theft Devices – Alarms, GPS tracking, air bags, seat belts, and other such devices can significantly lower premiums.

        For more tips or questions, visit Insure U for Small Business Tips on Lowering Premiums, or give our office a call at 1.800.660.2991 for more information.