So there’s no secret that things are generally more expensive in the Northeast than in other parts of the country.  No a lot of that has to do with the level of income in our region, but it also is heavily affected by the amount of tax levied on us as well.  Now when both of these factors, along with others, come together, stuff is just simply going to cost more up here than say Texas or Colorado.  

To be more specific today, it’s pretty common to find that such purchases like insurance, namely auto insurance, are more expensive here than in other regions of the country.  Cost of living and income levels are high here, especially in Connecticut, and that’s a major factor that unfortunately goes into your rates. But have no fear, Connecticut isn’t the highest! There are a total of nine states, ten if your include Washington D.C., whose auto insurance rates are higher than here, and once more, some of them are in states where the cost of living is significantly lower! 

So you can see that although income level and cost of living factor into your Connecticut auto insurance, they aren’t the only factors. As for those number crunchers out there, don’t worry, we didn’t forget you.  Connecticut auto insurance averages out to be about $1,050.  What state is the highest, you may ask? Well, surprisingly it’s Louisiana, where auto insurance averages $1,200. The lowest state, Iowa, comes in at a very low $650, and the national average is about $900.

So what can you do then to combat the high price?  That’s easy: drive smart, drive safe, and drive defensively! Always wear a seat belt, obey traffic laws, and never, ever text or drink and drive!