There are certain factors that go into an insurance policy that to us, seem pretty much like common sense-smoke alarms decrease your risk of a total loss caused by fire, safety precautions at the work site decrease liability for workers comp, and driving safely just makes the roads better for everyone. That last one is what we’re going to talk about today, because we are very excited to offer our customers anew way to save even more on their CT auto insurance by being the best drivers on the road, AND being able to prove it!


Our friends at The Hartford have created a new way to save on your auto policy through a new program called TrueLane.  It’s a voluntary, telematics usage based insurance program that utilizes a device within your car that records driving data, which is then processed through your own secure TrueLane account.When you enroll, you’ll receive a 5% discount for the initial policy term, with the potential of

up to 25% total discount in future renewal terms. 

This program provides several key advantages for our customers:

  • Customers are more in control of their savings potential
  • Customers can track their own individual driving habits.
  • Customers have physical data to back them up if a situation calls their driving habits into question

If you want to find out more about TrueLane and how it can save you hundreds of dollars on your CT auto insurance, give Paradiso Insurance a call today! We are very excited about this new program, and we hope you are as well! Driving safer and saving money- how could you go wrong?