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153176941While spring time looks to be finally here, and don’t get me wrong, I am SO excited about that fact, there’s one underlining aspect of spring time that many of don’t enjoy, and that’s the onslaught of allergies.  You could almost set your calendar to my allergy attacks, which usually happen right around now with the weather seems to climb into the upper fifties and sixties for the first time of the new year.  And while it’s so wonderful to see the grass begin to grow and the flowers bloom, I can just feel my nose begin to run. And I’m a lucky one, too.  I’ve never needed shots for allergy attacks or had to call in CT health insurance for anything related to allergies, but I know some people have!

Now the usual protocol in this situation is to simply take some antihistamines and carry around some tissues to wherever you find yourself. But recent studies suggest that your allergy attacks may not be the effect of simply the spring time air (and what travels in it, like pollen for example).   Below is a list of unexpected allergy triggers which, because there are so many, we will cover today and tomorrow.

Fruit: Since the main cause of allergy attacks are caused from the trees, grass, and pollen, your body will often confuse fruit (it contains pollen as well) for one of these allergens because of the similarities.

Booze Okay, I was scratching my head about this one as well, but it was found that individuals with certain symptoms can increase their allergy reactions after consuming alcohol because of what the body has to do in order to detox itself.

Stress This won’t cause you to sneeze, but it may make your reoccurring allergies worse.  Just a small amount of stress has been shown to increase the body’s allergic triggers.

Showers & Thunderstorms Don’t get me wrong, I love a good thunderstorm, especially during the summer, but I’ll be the first to admit that they do coincide with allergy attacks.  The moisture plays a direct hand in the blooming of the flora, which in turn can cause the allergies to kick into high gear.


Come back tomorrow when we discuss a few more allergy inducing items!