How Important is Homeowners Insurance ?
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As independent insurance agents, we at Paradiso Insurance are ready to help you protect your home. We’re eager to show you the benefits you realize when you shop local and…

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National Love your Pet Day
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Did you know that today is National Love your Pet Day? Yes, in fact, many people have already joined the buzz online! If you don’t believe us, just try to…

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Insuring Christmas Gifts
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Do you have a special someone this holiday season that you’ve picked out the perfect gift for? Someone that could be friend or family, has a really meaningful spot in…

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Workplace Winter Safety
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During this time of the year, we see some slip and fall claims centered around commercial insurance policies. With the winter weather, slips and falls are much more likely to…

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Avoiding Germs to Prevent Sickness
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During the winter, everyone seems to spread sickness a bit easier. This is especially notable for those of us with small children or for those of us that work in…

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Decorating your Office for the Holidays
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Are you getting into the Christmas spirit with your staff this Holiday Season? If you’re looking to decorate your office or workplace, here are some of our best tips and…

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Christmas Tree Safety
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The holiday season is upon us, which means a lot of us have already put the Christmas tree up. If you celebrate Christmas and you couldn’t wait to put your…

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Preventing Holiday Break-ins
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‘Tis the season for holiday joy. Families will be getting together, exchanging gifts, enjoying their time together, and celebrating with love! While this is a favorite time of the year…

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Suspecting Substance Abuse?
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No business owner should have to face a problem like this, but do you have a plan of action if you suspect substance abuse in the workplace? It could be…

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