New yellow houseThere’s little denying that any type of moisture in your home isn’t a good thing, especially because, chances are, it will lead to mold growth.  And flat out, mold is GROSS!  The thing about mold is that it’s a living organism, just like you and me, so in order for it to survive and grow, it needs something to eat, and when water is present, all it needs is a nice, juicy piece of wood or dry wall to go to town on.

Now for the most part, mold typically not dangerous but a lot of it can be bad for your health and lead to some serious repair costs to your home’s structure.  The thing to know though is that mold is rarely included in most CT homeowners insurance policies.

However,  if the mold has grown because of damage that’s caused from some kind of issue that is covered by your CT homeowners insurance, such as a pipe burst, then you probably will be covered then. But if it is caused by negligence, then, well, I think you know the answer to that.

So what can you do then to prevent mold growth in your home? Well, first of all, know the ins and outs of your CT homeowners insurance and what type of peril that could lead to mold growth is covered.  Then, just make sure that your home is in good standing order, and all that takes is a once over every six months or so!