• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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A dog is a man’s best friend, as the saying goes.  And there’s quite a bit of true to that, as dogs can be some of the most loving a loyal animals.  Unfortunately however, dogs can tend to have an aggressive side to them, which can in turn cause some issues with your CT homeowners insurance. Why? Well there are several reasons why, most specifically being that over thirty percent of all home insurance claim payments made every year are a result of dog bites.  That’s right, over ONE THIRD!

That’s why if you have a dog, you need to somehow prove or show your CT homeowners insurance carrier that your four-legged friend is loving and calm, not aggressive and mean.  Now the first step in this process is simply having a breed of dog that is widely known as being less aggressive.  You’re pretty much setting yourself up for some headaches if you go out and get a pit bull or Rottweiler.

Since these types of claims are so prevelant, home insurance providers often hesitate sometimes and may increase your rates because of the dog that you have, so that’s why you need to show that your loyal little buddy is nothing more than a lovable ball of fur with legs.  You want to know what the average cost of a dog bite claim from last year? Five thousand? No.  Ten thousand. Nope, higher too.  Twenty thousand?? Yea, it’s higher than that.  The average cost of a dog bite claim was around $27,000! Now you understand what the situation is??

So make sure that the next time your CT homeowners insurance comes up for renewal, or you’re looking to get a new policy, you’ve got the proof to back you up and say that the member of your family with four legs is a fun loving dog who has no record of any type of aggression or bites to speak of (or bark of).