Today and tomorrow we’re going to discuss how you can take the most advantage of your CT homeowners insurance, while saving as much money as possible.  Because, really, isn’t that the goal- the best coverage for the best price?  I know that’s the goal of Paradiso Insurance! So while you may struggle with some of the insurance jargon out there, rest assured that we can help you out with any questions you may have- and remember one more thing… we work FOR YOU, so we want you to get the best deal! It’s simple, our bottom line is YOU!

So for today we’re going to dive into some tips and tricks of the trade that we have found can go a long way for CT homeowners in saving money on their insurance while still maintaining fantastic coverage.

1. Do some shopping

Think of it like this: you want a new tv, so you probably do some research on a few makes and models, and then compare prices with different stores.  Well, it’s the same with insurance, especiall CT homeowners insurance.  Comparing prices and getting multiple quotes can pay some serious dividends for your finances.

2. Look for and jump on the special discounts

No matter what time of the year it may be, most insurance carriers can and will provide certain and special discounts for a host of reasons such as your age, claim history, finances, etc. Here’s the thing though- you need to ask! Many people just assume they’re getting the best deal because they don’t hear anything from their agency, but that’s just not true! You have to ask, and chances are there will be something that can help you out!

3. Raise Your Deductible

If I had a dollar for every time I said this one, let’s just say I wouldn’t have to be blogging any longer! This is easily the fastest and simplest way to lowering your insurance premiums. How? Well by bumping up your deductible, you’re basically saying that in the case of a claim, you’re going to pay more out of your own pocket as opposed to having the insurance company pay more.  It’s basically a give and take scenario.

4. Base your policy off the home’s rebuild cost

This is a little trick that makes perfect sense but some many people don’t even realize it.  Your CT homeowners insurance should only cover the cost of rebuilding your home, not the total value of the home (which will include the value of the land on which your home is built).  This means that if your insurance covers to total value, then you’re probably paying too much because you’re insuring the value of land that will always be there- see what we’re saying??

5. Bundle to save even more

Just like the the cable and internet companies advertise, bundling your policies can save you some serious dough both in the short and long run.  There are discounts out there that can really save you if you combine your home and auto policy with the same CT insurance provider.

Come on back tomorrow when we discuss tips 6-10!