Things are changing and another school year has flown by.  Think about all the things that have changed.  You redid your patio, finally installed that sprinkler system, put up that beautiful painting in your living room.  Or maybe you noticed this spring that the corner of your deck is starting to fall apart or a stake on your pool fence broke.  Either way, things are changing and you need to keep your homeowner’s insurance up to date so that you don’t get caught without coverage!  Here are 8 reasons that you should update your Connecticut homeowner’s insurance this summer.

  1. Increasing rebuilding costs – The cost to rebuild your home increases every year.  If your policy has not been updated in a few years you should look into increasing your rebuilding coverage.  An old rebuilding cost could leave you without enough money to rebuild your home if there is an accident, such as a housefire.
  2. You’ve made it safer – If you have added safety features such as sprinklers or an alarm system you may be able to lower your premium.  Contact your insurance agent to find out more.
  3. It’s become more dangerous – There are many ways that your home could become more dangerous.  For example, if you have old structures in your yard such as decks or treehouses that are in disrepair, or if you have added new liabilities such as a pool or trampoline.  If this is the case, you may need to increase your liability coverage to ensure that you are protected.
  4. You’ve made improvements – Even simple improvements, such as adding a shed outside or remodeling a bathroom inside, can affect the value of your home.  If you have made changes to your home it is always a good idea to talk to your insurance agent to see if you need more coverage.
  5. Your belongings need coverage – If you have acquired more belongings, especially expensive things such as fine jewelry or artwork, you most likely need more coverage to keep them safe.  Protect your assets by calling your insurance agent today.
  6. You work from home – Since home and business policies are separate, your average homeowner’s policy will cover little to none of your home office if you work from home.  You can talk to your insurance agent about finding a policy that will provide that coverage.
  7. You got a new pet – Insurance companies take certain kinds of pets into account when writing policies.  In addition, the often will not write policies for homes with more dangerous breeds such as wolf hybrids, rottweilers and pit bulls.  If you have recently gotten a new pet, check with your insurance agent to see if you need to change your coverage.
  8. You plan to rent out your home – If you are renting out your home this summer, check with your insurance agency first.  You need to make sure that you policy will cover your renters incase there is an accident while you are away.


Feel free to call Paradiso Insurance with any questions about homeowner’s policies.  After you update your Connecticut homeowner’s insurance policy, you will be able to enjoy your summer in peace knowing that your home is protected!