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Happy National Lasagna Day, a day to dive into the delicious sauce and the thick layers of cheese! Celebrate today with a meal the whole family will love! Here are four appetizing lasagna recipes that will have the whole family digging in for seconds.

Healthier World’s Best Lasagna

This dinner plate is known as a healthier version of the world’s best lasagna. This plate is a healthy choice, and the best part is that there is no loss of taste! If you are a health conscious type of cook, this lasagna recipe is the one for you. Instead of cooking with fattening meat, it is substituted with lean ground turkey and turkey sausage. It also includes low fat mozzarella and no eggs or salt. Nobody should feel bad about going up for seconds with this healthy lasagna recipe.

Corn and Poblano Lasagna.

If you are looking for a recipe that will blow all lasagnas out of the ballpark this is the choice for you. The corn and poblano lasagna features the combination of corn and peppers giving it a sweet but spicy taste along with onions, poblano, and zucchini. With this recipe you get your vegetables with your meat, making it a truly satisfying and well rounded meal. If you are seeking something different and exciting, the corn and poblano lasagna recipe is for you!

Butternut Squash Lasagna.

The name of this recipe just makes your mouth water. With a combination of sweet butternut squash, plenty of cheeses, and crunchy noodles it sounds heavenly. The hint of amaretti cookies gives it an ever sweeter kick. Choose the butternut squash lasagna recipe if you want to serve up a slice of heaven!

Short Rib Lasagna Rolls.

Short rib lasagna rolls are ready to take on some serious hunger! It may be time consuming but with a house full of people, it is worth it. There are a few steps that need to take place such as cooking the ribs, making the filling, then putting it all together. You will have to set aside some time to conquer this beast, but it will be well worth it. If you are looking to feed a large group with an appetite or maybe cook for a playoff game, choose the short rib lasagna rolls!

With all of these completely different recipes you are sure to find one to suit your needs. Each has its own personal touch that keeps you coming back for more. Celebrate National Lasagna Day and make memories with one of these impressive recipes. Don’t forget your share your final products with us on Facebook, we’d love to see what you chose to make!