• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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     Homeowners insurance is something that all home owners should have.  But what is it?  What is covered?  Here at   Paradiso Insurance    in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, our goal is to keep your family’s assets as protected as possible.  Your home is safe from theft, vandalism, fire, lightning, and many other unforeseeable misfortunes.  Recently, one of our great customers, Mike Andresen of Andresen Overhead Door  experienced a lightning strike that damaged an expensive well-water pump in his Stafford Springs home. “Doppler radar said that over 400 lighting strikes were documented in the area near my house,” he said.  After some inspection, Mike realized that the pump was unfixable.  He called Chris Paradiso  to see what could be done.  Chris told Mr. Andresen that Travelers would take care of the cost of a new pump.  “Travelers sent a check that next week.”


   Homeowners insurance is necessary if you wish to keep your valuables safe.  In cases of theft or fire, thousands cans be lost in an instant.  Without homeowners insurance, you are putting your family at risk financially.  At Paradiso Insurance, our agents are trained to save you as much money as possible while fully protecting your assets.  For a free quote, visit our Homeowner’s Insurance page or call us at 800-660-2991.


            – The Paradiso Team