• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Buying insurance for weddings is a relatively new idea. Before the 1990s, nobody had even heard of such a policy! However, as weddings became more and more elaborate, couples started to look for coverage. What if the groom is injured? What if the deposit is lost if the venue closes? The price of a venue and catering alone can be astronomical. Business savvy couples understood the need to be financially protected incase of a problem. There are thousands of couples who realized that fact the hard way. In Houston, Texas, Hurricane Ike damaged many wedding venues. According to the Houston Business Journal, over $2 million is missing from the pockets of brides and grooms. Unfortunately, many of these couples will never see their deposits returned. For those who purchased wedding insurance, however, their deposits will be returned in full by their insurance company. This insurance is cheap: most policies cost around $350. Protect your special day! For a free quote, visit our website or call Chris at 800.660.2991!

– The Paradiso Team