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While it looks like Mother Nature is throwing us yet another thunderstorm this afternoon, we can’t help but think about the seemingly endless wet weather we’ve currently been having, and furthermore, what’s to come with this year’s hurricane season.   We’ve found so interesting facts and figures regarding this year’s hurricane season.According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there remains some pretty substantial concern regarding the amount of hurricanes that could hit the east coast this summer.

We can all learn from the devastation that was caused by hurricane Sandy last fall, just for the simple fact that hurricanes are major forces of nature that shouldn’t be taken lightly.   And if you haven’t noticed, they seem to becoming more and more frequent as of recent years, and that not only poses a threat to you, your family and your home, but it also has significant consequences when dealing with CT homeownersinsurance.

What’s that mean for us this hurricane season then? Well the experts over at NOAA are forecasting in the range of six major hurricanes that could strike the east coast this year.  Furthermore, they’re saying that there’s about a seventy percent chance that upwards of twenty storms could end up forming in the Atlantic Ocean. Certainly this doesn’t mean that every single storm will make landfall, but it nonetheless should have us all thinking and preparing. There could be as many as eleven storms that could form into modest hurricanes, and six, as we just said, could be major.

While the mid-Atlantic states of New York and New Jersey continue to recover and rebuild from Hurricane Sandy, unfortunately hurricane season has arrived yet again,even though many are still rebuilding. Make sure that your CT homeowners insurance is squared away, along with any Hartford Flood Insurance that you may need.  You don’t want to be in the middle of a storm and realize you never followed through on getting that new policy.