• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Every now and again we happen upon some juicy insurance fraud story that can serve two purposes.  The first being pure entertainment, because some of them are just plain hysterical, and the second is for educational purposes, to ensure that you know everything possible to avoid a scam or a fraud.

Well today’s story is more along the lines of educational rather than entertaining.  An entertaining story would be like one we told you about awhile ago where the guy who bought premium cigars tried filing an insurance claim on them because they were ‘destroyed by fire,’ i.e. he smoked them.  But as we digress, today’s story involves phony auto insurance policies that were established by a woman from Michigan, all from the confines of a university computer.

The woman apparently used a simply university computer to create false auto insurance policies, and then sold them to regular, albeit slightly gullible people.  She created her own insurance applications and falsified bank accounts in order to make the whole operation seem legitimate, but alas it wasn’t, and this lady was caught red-handed.

She was arrested and charged with using a computer to commit a crime, sale of stolen and/or counterfeit insurance policies, and insurance fraud.No word has yet been released as to if she’ll plead guilty, but it sounds like a pretty open and shut case to me.  

So what can we learn from this story? Well for starters, when looking into an insurance policy, whichever one that may be (ct auto insurance would be relevant to this story I’d say), always go with a trusted and reliable business.  And when you’re searching, remember the small businesses and independently owned agencies like us at Paradiso insurance.  Not only are you helping us out, but you’re helping the local economy out as well!