Business Interruption Insurance
  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Business interruption insurance is something that every business owner needs. When we take the time to discuss commercial insurance with business owners here in Connecticut, we are always sure to mention that we can keep your business covered with business interruption insurance, because it could determine whether or not your business stays afloat. At this point though, some of us may be asking, “What exactly is business interruption insurance?”


Yes, business interruption insurance is here to keep you protected any time that your business has to close its doors. With this type of insurance, your business can be protected from a wide variety of risks. Think about it this way, what if your business has to close its doors for a week due to a heavy snow storm? While snowstorms may be a temporary problem, there are more possibilities that your business should be prepared for. What if a fire broke out, and your business unfortunately had to shut down? Or, what if your business experienced theft, and the damage was irreversible?

If your doors are temporarily closed, bills and expenses could become a problem pretty quickly. You might not be able to afford rent or interest if your business isn’t operating normally. Not to mention, you may not be able to afford payroll for your staff either, which will make it pretty difficult for them to want to stick around.

These are all real life threats for business owners, because 40% of businesses whose doors close temporarily don’t ever get the opportunity to re-open. Our team here at Paradiso Insurance would hate to see that happen to any of our commercial clients, which is why we aim to help you understand our insurance products and how we can help your business stay free from worry.

With the right commercial insurance policy, business interruption insurance can provide you coverage for lost revenue to cover expenses like rent and utilities, as well as other expenses that were incurred when a covered claim has the ability to shut down your business. It can even provide you with payroll coverage, to make sure your employees won’t make a switch during your claim.

stephIf you need help with your commercial insurance policy give us a call today at 860-684-5270 and ask for Steph Fanelli in our office. Steph is one of our Licensed Insurance Professionals, and a master of all things related to Connecticut business insurance policies. After all, it says in our Paradiso Promises that we work for YOU, and we want to make sure you understand your options to keep your Connecticut business free from worry.