• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Okay, we know this hasn’t been winter of snow storms like last year, however March is two days away, and we all know that this month is a complete toss-up when it comes to weather.  We could continue with our abnormally warm winter, or Mother Nature could send us a couple of good snow storms that will keep our yards covered with the white stuff until April.
And what does this mean in regards to CT homeowners insurance? Well, these snow storms can, as we’ve seen from last year, be highly damaging to many homes in the state. The roves of our homes can be the biggest target for snow’s damages, but here’s some ways to prevent roof damage:
  • look for ceiling stains: this could be evidence of water damage in your roof, and needs to be addressed immediately!  Try to isolate it as quickly as possible to prevent a total loss to your entire roof structure
  • missing shingles: replace these as soon as you spot them, for they could cause leaks and further damages with your roof.
  • curled shingles: this means that there’s age trouble with your roof, and you should look into replacing it.  Make sure to get professional help when repairing your roof.
  • heavy buildup in gutters:  this is a result of your shingles deteriorating…not a good thing.  Once this happens, it is a domino effect and can lead to wide spread damage.
  • cracked flashing: this is the metal internal part of your roof that is connected to the exterior base of your chimney and other sections of your roof.  A damaged flashing can result in water damage, so they should be sealed as quickly as possible.

So make sure to keep a close eye on your roof for the remaining winter season.  A good snow storm could result in roof damage, so make sure your roof is in tip-top shape! You surely don’t want to file a claim on your CT homeowners insurance due to an overlooked roof leak!