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3799273704_52c67ba7c1_o.jpgEvery now and again we stumble upon a story that is truly remarkable.  Sometimes it’s heart-felt, other times simply astonishing feats of technology or pure human strength and ingenuity.  Today, this tale falls under the category of unbelievable technological breakthrough. 

This story basically combines medicinal technology with that of automotive.  We all know or are aware of the large scanners that humans are placed into when they are sick or injured, known as a Computed tomography scans, or CT scans for short. These machines allow doctors a special look into the very essence of the human body, and provide them with immense detail required to pronounce proper diagnoses. Now picture this scanner and its technology, but for vehicles.  Yes, we said vehicles.

The Fraunhofer Development Center (not quite sure what or where that is, but it sounds awesome) has gotten its hands on one of the largest CT scanners around,and are using it to analyze car accidents in a way never seen before.Scientists at the center are looking to attain new ideas and breakthroughs that can assist in the knowledge of how individual components react under the forces of an automobile collision.

These types of scans are allowing the scientists to view images in a 3D format,providing them with images never seen before, in order to better understand every millisecond of a wreck.

 So how are they pulling this off, you may ask? Well they’re basically placing a car on a massive turntable and simulating a car accident.  This allows for twin X-ray detectors to produce scanned images, and their computer combines the images together into a whole, three-dimensional CT scan.

Yup,that’s pretty cool if you ask me.  Now I wonder how this will affect CT auto insurance….