• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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No matter where you look, you’re bound to see an advertisement for insurance, most of them for the cheap stuff too.  Seriously, whether it’s the internet, the tv, or newspaper, these ads are everywhere. They’re ads promise lower prices, easy transactions, catchy phrases and mascots to boot. We’re here to inform you that you need to see through the smoke and mirrors for what the cheap coverage really offers, or more like doesn’t…

Here at Paradiso Insurance, we have seen many situations arise where although the price was appealing, the coverage was not enough for the clients needs.

Here are a few simple tips to make sure that your making the right choice for yourself and your family:

  1. Make sure you fully understand the coverage being offered.  In some instances, certain insurance companies will actually decrease limits in order to decrease premium.
  2. Understand ALL of your options and what makes most sense for your situation.
  3. Many people choose independent agencies because they are available and understand their clients on a more personal level.  When the unfortunate occurs, most people would rather talk to a person who knows them on a first name basis and right down the street.

If you see this advertisement and decide to give it a shot, please make sure that you arent compromising your insurance coverage.  Although the price is beyond appealing, sometimes these offers are too good to be true.  Your independent agency is always here to help and walk you through offers and coverage with you.