• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We all know that candles are wonderful home decorations that can have your place smelling like pretty much any setting you wish.  As great as candles are however, they also can be extremely dangerous and cause a fire within seconds.

Normally if used correctly, your candles are a minimal risk in the grand scheme of things in regards to home safety.  However because of their open flame, that minimal risk can turn into a maximum hazard with the blink of an eye.  
So what causes candles to become dangerous? Here’s some common mistakes that can easily be avoided:

-Candles burning while no one is present in that specific room
-Lit candles that are place too close to other materials such as curtains or table cloths.
-Any candle that is within reaching distance of a child or pet is a big no no!
-Leaving your house, or falling asleep, while the candles are still lit can result in a claim on your CT homeowners insurance
What can also pose a hazard to your home is the hot wax produced by the candle’s burning process. In some instances the wax can become so hot as to ignite itself.  This can be extremely dangerous, whether you’re in the same room when it happens or not. So always be careful when it comes to candles. Sure they make your home smell like the beach in the summer and a beautiful winter green forest during the holiday season, but always take the necessary precautions to insure that your beautifully decorated home won’t end up on the claim list with other CT homeowners.