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We’re going to continue on our ‘healthy eating during the holidays’ journey from last week with tips number nine through twelve.  No time for any more introduction, we’re going to get right down to them!

Nine: Put down the cocktails earlier rather than later.  No, we’re not harping on drinking during the holidays, we’re suggesting getting a better night’s rest.  The more you drink, the more disturbed your sleep pattern will be that night. So it’s actually a double-whammy- you’ll be hungover and not have a good night sleep. 

Ten: Head to bed sooner rather than later.  Studies have shown that those individuals you don’t get a good amount of sleep tend to be more overweight.  And don’t think you’re immune to it either.  Just one late night or all-night party can trigger hunger hormones in the body causing you to eat more than you normally would.

Eleven: Utilize your time on the weekend.  Remember, it’s the weekend, so take full advantage of the extra time to get some well deserved sleep.  It’s truly amazing how connected sleep and health really are, so make sure you never neglect your body’s required rest.  Your body and your ct insurance for your health will thank you!

Twelve: Careful of the caffeine.  Remember, it’s not just coffee and energy drinks that have caffeine in them.  A late night stick of chocolate also has caffeine in it, as well as a host of other snacks and other beverages.  So make sure that if you’re having some of these to give yourself some extra time to fall and stay asleep.

Return tomorrow for the final section of our countdown!