• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well no matter how you slice it, cold and flu season is upon us.  Everyone’s scrambling to get their flu shots, and we’re a little more cautious of shaking hands in fear of catching something.  Now most of us, if we get a cold, are down and out for a couple days, but then back in tip top shape.  But for those with a weak immune system, like for instance the elderly, a common cold can easily lead to a much worse medical condition, a trip to the hospital, and a claim on their CT health insurance coverage.

Aside from that last example being an obvious extreme case and relevant only to those with weak immune systems, today we’d like to focus on the younger generations, those working and those who are students, when it comes to colds and the flu that seem to happen around this time of year- or do they??

We have found some interesting information regarding fact and fiction about the cold and the flu that may surprise you- I know it surprised me, that’s for sure!

Exercise while you’re sick? Well I’ve always been told that you shouldn’t, but actually that’s a myth! Light exercise will actually help out your immune system to fight off your sickness! Now, we’re not suggesting you go run a half marathon, but a walk on the treadmill seems to be a good bet to get better!

Does chicken soup really help you out? YES IT DOES! It’s all the veggies in the soup that help boost your vitamin levels that help fight off the cold.  Plus it also helps with your white blood cells in fighting the cause of your illness as well.

Here’s the biggest surprise, at least for me- cold weather gets you sick- FALSE! I know, I was shocked too! But actually it’s not the cold weather outside, it’s the warm, dry air inside your home that serves as a perfect petri dish for viruses that cause colds to grow in!

We hope you enjoy these little tidbits of information today regarding cold and flu.  Make sure to stay on your healthy routines so that you can stay in tip top shape and have stellar ct health insurance!