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Flag Day is right around the corner, and you’re invited to the Paradiso Insurance Flag Day BBQ and Celebration! What is Flag Day? Flag Day was first observed on June 14th, 1885 by a teacher named Bernard J. Cigrand. He put an American Flag on his desk and asked his students to write about the flag’s significance to our country. Cigrand fought for Flag Day to be officially recognized and it finally became a national day in 1949.

Flag Day may not be widely celebrated like other holidays in our country, however, at our insurance agency it is an annual celebration we share with the community. We pay respects to our flag, country, and all those who have served or are currently serving. Plus, we want the whole town covered in Red, White, and Blue! There is no better feeling than having our community show their patriotic side.

Flag Day BBQ flyer.

To celebrate we’ll be grilling up free hot dogs and hamburgers for all to enjoy, plus there will be live music from Radio 98.3. We had a spectacular time with them last year, and can’t wait to have Radio 98.3 with us again this year. Be sure to tune into the station on June 14th for updates on our event!

We’ll also be giving away free replacement American flags and t-shirts during this event. So, if you have a flag that needs to be retired, make sure to bring it so we can provide a proper disposal ceremony for it. Additionally, everyone who receives a flag during the event will also get a free complementary mounting kit.

Chris, his sister, Rachel, and friends of radio 98.3.

Even better, the flags and t-shirts we’re giving away are made right here in the good old USA! You probably didn’t know this, but over 90% of American flags are actually manufactured outside of the country, just like most of our clothing. However, we believe in everything being 100% American made and supporting local businesses.

This is a family friendly event, so everyone is welcome to attend. We’ll have face painting and a coloring station for the kids. Max, our office puggle, will also be attending so don’t forget to say hello to him when you’re here.

Max with a patriotic tie sitting in an office chair.

Plus, for all you classic car collectors, we’ll have some gorgeous vehicles for you to see. Of course, you’re welcome to bring your own! We’d love to see your vintage pride and joy at our Barbecue.

Classic car visual for Flag Day.

At Paradiso Insurance, we also take great strides in thanking the many men and women who risk their lives to protect and save others. Therefore, all local veterans, firefighters, and EMT service members are welcome to join us for the Barbecue. Our Flag Day BBQ and event is also a day to give thanks to the service members in our community. So, even if you don’t want a hamburger or to check out the awesome cars, at least come stop by to thank the wonderful people who make our community a safer place.

The Flag Day Barbecue will be held at our office located at 8 East Main Street, Stafford Springs, CT from 11:30AM to 2:00PM on June 14th. Save the date because we hope to see you there!