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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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With the Fourth of July fast approaching, there is no doubt that we are all planning how to spend our day off; probably with decorations, sparklers, fireworks, cookouts, and friends and family. This opportunity to celebrate is exciting! However, in the midst of all the fun, do you ever stop and think about or appreciate why we as American citizens have this holiday in the first place?

In 1976 in Philadelphia, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, legally declaring the United States of America free from British rule and oppression. We could now govern ourselves, seek our own ideals, and grow as a nation together. This Fourth of July, take a second out of your busy day to really reflect on how important the events of that day were and how far they have taken us as a country. America is built on the foundation of liberty and equality. You have a voice. You can express yourself. You have the opportunity to achieve great success. Your rights and way of life are protected. These are just some of the amazing advantages that come with living in one of the greatest countries on earth. Be thankful for that and realize that all of this began on the Fourth of July. However, it wasn’t as simple as signing a paper. Members of the Continental Congress knew that there would be repercussions. They were willing to risk their lives for liberty and their new nation. Countless men and women still do the same today. Be thankful to all those who have fought to protect America and its citizens. We hope your holiday is filled with fun, but also pride in and gratefulness for your country.

While you honor and celebrate the red, white, and blue, we also remind you to please stay safe! Fireworks are beautiful and festive, however, if used improperly, they can ruin your good time. Do not attempt to disassemble or make your own fireworks. Obey local laws regarding the purchase and use of fireworks and always read the caution label before igniting. Also, be sure that where you set them off is spacious and free of fire hazards. As accidents can happen, we suggest you keep a fire extinguisher or water near by. Never attempt to set off multiple fireworks at a time or relight a “dud” firework. Before throwing away your used fireworks in an outside garbage can, make sure to soak them in water first as an extra precaution against fires.

If you plan on having a cookout, keep your family safe by never leaving the grill or inexperienced swimmers unattended. Always check your grill to make sure it is clean and free of cracks or leaks before use. Only use it outdoors away from flammable objects like decks or branches. Make sure that there are throwable floatation devices and a first aid kit by the water. If you plan on boating, please do not consume alcohol before operating and be sure that there are enough life preserves for every passenger.

We hope you keep your whole family happy and healthy this Fourth of July, and that includes your pets! Don’t leave alcoholic beverages or food unattended, as many common cookout favorites can upset your animal’s stomach or even be potentially toxic. Keep glow jewelry, sunscreen, insect repellent, citronella candles, insect coils, and tiki torch products out of their reach as all of these can make pets sick. Finally, remember not to use fireworks around pets to keep them from ingesting unused fireworks or getting burned. Not to mention, most animals are scared of or disoriented by the loud sounds.

At Paradiso Insurance, we truly wish that you have the safest, most enjoyable Fourth of July yet. This holiday is truly special to us, as we firmly believe in this great country, its citizens, and the American dream. It is an opportunity to remember our roots and be thankful for them with our community. We hope that you will continue to share our patriotism with the community on and well after the Fourth of July. Our insurance agency is lucky to celebrate the true meaning of this great holiday with you. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!