• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Let’s be honest for a second… who doesn’t love a great game show? I mean really, watching everyday people win money or prizes just makes you feel good inside. Well, at least it does for me!

Now, I would hope that everyone knows about the Price is Right (anyone who’s ever been home sick or worked from home has watched this show, I GUARANTEE IT!), but if you don’t, it’s a game show where contestants win prizes through a wide variety of games that often involve guessing the correct retail prices of everyday items like groceries or cleaning supplies. 

So you’re now probably asking this question: why are we discussing the Price is Right?! Well, just recently, the game show had their annual ‘big money week’ where contestants can win much larger sums of money (and much better prizes) than normal.  One young woman on yesterday’s show was extremely lucky.  Not only did she win $100,000 on the game 1/2 Off, but then she made it to the showcase and won a new BMW!! In total, the woman won over $140,000 in cash and prizes.  Talk about a pay day!

But this got me thinking… how will that new car affect her car insurance, with a new car that (probably) is a lot more expensive (and a lot faster) than her current ride?  Well significantly in fact.  If this woman were from Connecticut, she’d definitely notice a change on her CT auto insurance premiums with the addition of a BMW to her driveway! Furthermore, all of that cash she won will more than likely cause an alteration to her life insurance as well, since it’s now considered income and that affects your coverage.

So this story is another perfect example of how everything in life can somehow, one way or another, relate back to Connecticut Insurance.