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There is nothing more pure, loving, and rewarding than giving back to the community. Even if it’s your support and consideration, there are millions out there who need your solidarity more than monetary benefits. Whatever religion you may follow, whatever race you may belong to, no matter what kind of a person you are, the selfless act of donating to charity will be regarded in the highest of morals till the end of time. Too heavy? We get it. But, it is only to remind you that other people need you – people who didn’t choose a hard life but are subjected to it; those who were born with developmental disorders and intellectual disabilities.

We are all good people; we work hard, root for our family, chase our dreams, add to the community, and are good citizens who care about those around us. However, the world has gotten so fast – too fast – these days; it’s only fair that we pay attention to our priorities.

At Paradiso Insurance, we believe that businesses like ours and yours, people like you and us, are the backbone of the community. Our donations help keep the community standing tall. That is why we organize a lot of charity events and donation drills. One such initiative is the Denim in December event, through which we raise funds for Journey Found. It’s easy and enjoyable, helpful and rewarding.

What is the Denim in December About? 

It’s all about giving to the community. Employees of businesses, school kids, business owners, anyone and every one belonging to an organization of any sort can take part in this event.

The authoritative bodies of these institutions – can be community centers too – allow all their members to wear jeans to their job for a month in exchange for a donation. This donation is in the form of money and is directed towards Journey Found.

Plus, wearing jeans is a symbolic show of solidarity with those who face developmental challenges.

What is Journey Found? 

The mission of Journey Found is “to provide behavioral, residential and other support services to individuals of Connecticut with pervasive developmental disorders and intellectual disabilities to enable each to become what they are capable of being.” – Journey Found

The organization provides housing and support to the masses who face developmental disorders and intellectual disabilities.

The donations and funds collected through events such as Denim in December all go to the betterment of the living facility and upgrading/ providing equipment of the centre. 

How can you help? 

You can pitch the idea to the concerned body. Or, if you are the “concerned body”, we hope that reading this piece inspired you to actively take part in this initiative. 

It’s your time to help those who need it the most.

The Takeaway

At Paradiso Insurance, we are all about giving back to society. Over the years, our team has organized a great deal of charity events, and from our experience, we can tell you that there is nothing that can beat the feeling of joy you get when you help others. With any questions you may have regarding any of our community events, give us a call at (860) 684- 5270, or visit our website at

See you in your Denim in December!