• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Trick-or-treaters aren’t the only thing you have to contend with on Halloween. Mischievous acts and vandalism are common during this time of year, which means your personal property could be at risk.

“In general, on Halloween, more incidents occur, whether it involves throwing eggs or smearing windows with shaving cream,” says Christopher Wukovits, manager at AAA New York Insurance Services. The denser the population, the more trickery is apt to happen, he says. For home and automobile CT Insurance owners, taking precautionary measures to safeguard your property can reduce the chances of falling victim to Halloween high jinks. For instance, Ron Moore, senior product development manager at MetLife Auto & Home, recommends keeping areas well-lit and putting things that can be vandalized, such as pumpkins, in an area that is not easily accessible by passersby. If you won’t be around for the Halloween festivities, make sure to keep a light or two on and even consider leaving the television on.

Since egging cars is a rite of passage for many teenagers on Halloween, try to keep your vehicle off the street or covered with a tarp.. Expensive cars are particularly prone to egg attacks, according to Moore. “This is definitely the time of year to put it in the garage,” he says.

Even the most careful property owners can wind up being the victim of Halloween pranks. However, certain types of CT homeowners insurance and auto insurance typically cover such damages.