• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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dangling red ornamentsDecorating for the holidays is a traditional that many families enjoy at this time of the year. It is also something that could cause injuries or damage to your home. You should know a few holiday decorating safety tips that will prevent injuries.

Be Safe When Hanging Lights and Decorations
The first tip is to take every precaution when hanging lights or decorations in high places. Make certain you are using a ladder that is placed on a flat and stable surface. Do not try to overextend or lean to the side when standing on a ladder. Never stand on the top rung of a ladder, since it will cause instability. Do not take unnecessary risks like scaling down a steep pitched roof.

Water Your Tree
You want to water your tree every day. If the tree is allowed to dry out, then it becomes a fire hazard in your home. A single spark or a hot light could ignite the dried branches or needles. This can start a fire overnight or while everyone is in another room. Keep your tree hydrated to reduce the risk of a fire.

Do Not Overload Outlets
Lights and some decorations need to be plugged into an outlet to operate. You want to avoid overloading the outlets in your home. Power strips and other adapters can make it easy to plug a dozen or more strings of lights into a single outlet. You do not want to overload your electrical outlets. Do not put more than two strings of lights into any one outlet. Overloading the outlets can cause blown fuses or even a fire.

Avoid Hanging Fragile Ornaments
A final tip is to avoid hanging fragile ornaments. Delicate glass ornaments can fall and break. Your pets could eat the shards. You or your children could unknowingly walk across the broken debris on the ground. This can lead to serious injuries. Try to choose unbreakable or plastic ornaments.